Authentic Design and How I Fit In

I read a great article over at Smashing Magazine 'Authentic Design'. It struck a pretty big chord in me, because it summed up how I like to work in a very simple way. In the early days, I'd refer to my work as minimalist. But as the article points out, this is completely wrong, because minimalism is the pursuit of a 'lack of design' for design/style purposes. What I have always strived for, was something a bit beyond that. Not better, just different. What I have always strived for, is a way to add a visual hierarchy to what I create. To use design to simplify, and streamline purpose for a user.

There is a huge push recently, to strip the web back and really think about the core reasons that elements exist. There was a period when we all found out we could add certain elements and graphics to sex up websites, but they tended to be detrimental to the user experience.

 Good design is a creative solution to a content based problem.

said by some clever guy

I'm a big believer of this quote. I didn't write that, it's from a blog that I haven't sourced yet. But it rings true. As a designer, it's your job to ensure that you communicate effectively with your audience.

Article written by Dan
I'm a UI / UX Designer living in Sheffield. I have a real passion for everything digital, movies and motorbikes.

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