This design was my attempt to visually explain how I would like to see a Netflix or LoveFilm type web app to work.


I've been a long term fan of Hantu and their work, so being able to collaborate was a bit of an honour on my part.

Hantu banner

You may be asking what on Earth I mean by 'refit'. Well this website, like a couple others I've worked on started life out as a website that someone else had put together.


Just a little something I'm working on. A whole bunch of these bad boys. And they're starting to look pretty smexy.

The client was looking for a site that would present his work in the best way possible, have quick links to make it easy to purchase his media, and also to sell his services for future work.

The site looks simple, but underneath there is a lot of functionality going on. It was important for the site to become a 'hub' for the client's online presence, that would integrate with is most used social networks.

The site also came with full a full SEO package. This is a quick start-up package to add to websites, to get the site optimised quickly, and put into major search engines.

I also created the logo. Inspiration from the logo came from the needle of a record player. As I was sketching the design was more and more abstracted, landing us with this final design. The initials J and C are integrated into the needle head.

Just a practice shot I made a while ago to show the skills I had picked up with Digital Compositing. You can see the complete breakdown in my Technical Reel. This was a lot more technical then I had first anticipated, with the ship needing to be broken down into many parts. Each of those parts need to be motion tracked (which was done by roto at certain points). Then false lighting, colour matching and a colour pass were added. My most complete and technically challenging composite to date.

Anyone notice the serenity ship from the TV show 'Firefly'? Well you were right.

This was the first of two images I made to get my head around the visual styles and themes of First Breath After Coma. It was a lot of fun, and gained me some nice interest for the project.

RED is a short, dark story about Sascha, a young man whose life was turned upside down when his dear wife, Evie is killed in a car accident. He doesn’t deal with the incident well, and spirals down into depression and failed suicides. Stuck in the same horrific day, with nothing but bad memories to keep him company. He decides to exact revenge on the other accident victim of that fateful day. But the ghosts that pursue Sascha are always a step ahead of him.

Some people who know me personally will know that at the beginning of 2012, I set out to make a short film. You'll know also that this was when I just started creating my course Final piece, 'Mother'. What happened next was that my fully fleshed out, fully realised concept, cast, written, scripted, budgeted short film got put on hold half way through the filming procedure. Not cool. Everyone that was involved in that project put in a lot of work, and it was a real shame to see it all pour away because of time constraints.

So rather then leave the work to go unused, I decided to try and make the best narrative I could out of the footage we had. Isaac Ssbandeke, (the lead actor) narrated some text I had created to help tie the visuals we had together. What results is not what the film had originally set out to be, but it still very much sets the tone for the story and feel.

I'm proud of all the work that went into this, from everyone involved. I'd love to return to the story again in the future, as a project 6 years on the making (or however long it takes to get made).

So until then, just enjoy these extra screengrabs.

Isaac Ssbandeke as Sascha

Original OST by Jon Cooper

Rationale Productions came to me with a very specific set of goals which they wanted to fulfill. They wanted a flashy new website to act as the hub of everything that they do. A portfolio, a blog, some bios and a place to interact with all their fans. (more…)

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