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This design was my attempt to visually explain how I would like to see a Netflix or LoveFilm type web app to work.

Movies App

Some key features:

  • Low contrast and blue tones to reduce night time glare and strain on eyes when using in a dark room.
  • Has capability to become fully responsive.
  • No need to load new page elements between movie watching
  • Video elements load dynamically upon selection to keep page load times down.
  • When a video is selected, the app hides other content to put focus on the selection.
  • The selections allow users to perform actions, such as bookmarking and favouriting a movie.
  • The app has a social element. We can view which of our friends watched a movie, and what their rating and review for it was.
Article written by Dan
I'm a UI / UX Designer living in Sheffield. I have a real passion for everything digital, movies and motorbikes.

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