UX / UI & Visual Designer

I design interfaces and customer experiences for the web and digital products.



I research, create and apply user profiles and user journeys to everything I build. I find out what features or copy may confuse your users. Then I help you make the changes you need.


Wireframes create a quick and flexible outline of a project quickly, allowing for very quick adaptions to be made. An animated prototype quickly builds on the interactions a customer has with your product.


Prototypes allow you to see pixel perfect solutions and ideas before they are coded. In some cases, this is used to display interactive features and interactions.


Good design is a creative solution to a content based problem. I’m not a designer who designs things for the sake of making them pretty.

Nathan Gorden

Rationale Prod. C.I.C. Manager
Daniel has received praise from the Heads at Sheffield City Council, Arts Council England, Crime Stoppers and Tramlines just to mention a few. In a nutshell, I have watched Daniel and I have the utmost confidence in the work he creates. I would not hesitate recommending his services to others.

Cash Jones

Cinematographer / Writer
Dan built our amazing website, from the ground up he made it look better run faster and all round much easier to use than it ever was before. He's great to work with and never stops trying to get the best out of the site even now.

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